Martes, Enero 8, 2013



The earning people were itching to spend cash. I think this is what stress does to working people. You overwork, get sick, burn out to earn money. Then you end up spending lavishly the money you work so hard for just to de-stress. Hehehe.

Nobody wanted to go out of town, so the unanimous choice  was to find a pool resort closer to home. We had several resorts in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan in mind. Circumstances stopped us from actually swimming in SJDM. Someone suggested Villa Celedonia in Novaliches. Eventhough cheap, they're open until 4am only. And we got there at 12 midnight so 4 hours wasn't appealing at all. So Gubat sa Ciudad it was.

Please do not ask me about Gubatsa Ciudad's contact numbers or how much their rates are. i am not connected with the resort.

A huge announcement by the gate says it's latest attraction, the wave pool, is still for turnover and is limited to the use of the owners and friends. No one of us asked if it's already operational.

Presenting the wave pool... trust me when I say it's long.